Teaching methodology

Teaching Methodology

In class, the teacher’s main role is to connect students with the right tasks, so students can pursue their own learning. They also prepare the classroom to provide structure for students and protect their freedom.

Teachers guide and direct learning. While aware of all the students, they move around the class, giving lessons to individuals or small groups. They also allow students time to repeat and practice work. And, they help plan work for students.

At Vriksha teachers don’t give students tests or assignments or grade their work, instead, they guide and monitor the progress of students.

Each student’s progress is tracked by following them for around three years. Teachers gauge progress by the handling of materials, accuracy of written work, ability to transfer concepts to new situations, the competence to apply what’s learnt in real life situations and in other ways.

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Vriksha Patashala is an alternate school which is a unique blend of our ancient gurukula system and the multiple intelligence theory. Children transform into life-long learner and evolve to become free-sprited and responsible thinkers.

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