Our Classrooms

Learning is Fun

Our classrooms are not divided by narrow walls. The whole world is our learning platform. Our classrooms will be equipped with world class technology and simultaneously provide the opportunity for our children to live in Harmony with Nature.

Math, Literature and Science will not be subjects to be learnt in cloistered rooms but out in the fields, out in the farms, out in the world.

Every minute in the school, will be an learning experience for the student.

Here our guiding philosophy would be the Multiple Intelligence Theory developed by Dr Howard Gardner. Gardner maintains that we should empower learners and not restrict them to one modality of learning. This system would help students achieve vocational and professional goals that are appropriate to their spectrum of intelligence. This would result in students being more competent and efficient and would channelize them into contributing to the society in a more constructive way.

To achieve this we cannot confine a child to learn merely from text books. This will disable the child from getting a wholesome education.

We provide integrated classrooms which would cater to specific needs of students.

We don’t assume that all students can learn in the common, standard form of conventional education and hence we offer several disciplines and present them in various modalities that are very distinctive.

In Vriksha we do not use the same universal measure for testing children. We engage in using alternative assessment which promotes understanding than memorization. Non-traditional assessment supports contemplation and reflection. This readies students with skills like presentation, communication and team work which gives students the most needed practical competence that would be required in their work place.

Here classrooms would prepare students for the world and its multiple challenges.

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Vriksha Patashala is an alternate school which is a unique blend of our ancient gurukula system and the multiple intelligence theory. Children transform into life-long learner and evolve to become free-sprited and responsible thinkers.

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