Parent’s Role

Parents Role

As parents we need to observe our children closely to identify their inherent talents or strengths. Discovering and nurturing a hidden talent or skill brings immense pleasure to parent and child alike. Not to mention the confidence it instills in the child in his ability to excel in a particular field. She may not be an academic achiever, but her success in art, music, theater or sport can do wonders in boosting her self-esteem. Pursuing extracurricular talents also promotes discipline and instills focus in a child.

The strengths of a child may be very apparent in a few children whereas may be indistinct in a few. Trust the child, most children have the innate ability to learn by exploring, and investigating and they tend to master it much faster, and more easily than an adult.

Research indicates that parents support plays an important role in instilling confidence in children while they make career choices that are satisfying and exciting to them. Encouragement from the parents to explore the impressive number of options that are available  marks the first step of the child into adulthood.

Parents predictably try to shield their children by guarding them against the obstacles or hurdles that they faced in their own journey. They fail to realize the importance of these failures as these are very significant in making them accountable and responsible for their choices.

Parents need to draw from their own experience in guiding the children and preparing them for the road that lays ahead with its many bumps and pitfalls. It would be a futile exercise to prepare the road for the child.

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