Language Classes

Montessori language is a unique hands on exploration of language through the use of physical manipulatives and objects, making it a dynamic interactive experience for children.

Language materials have some essential points in common with Sensorial materials. They provide the children with keys to discover something that is beyond what lies on the surface. Sandpaper letters give the shape of the letters, the Movable Alphabet makes it possible to arrange these letters to form words, and the Metal insets makes it possible for children to control a writing instrument and later on, put their thoughts on paper.

From the day a child enters into the Montessori school, she works under the guidance of her Montessori teachers to build strong English language skills.

The language program includes explicit practice of phonograms, the multi-letter combinations needed to write many English sounds, which leads seamlessly to the rule-based practice of spelling. Other materials, such as word study exercises (pre- and suffixes, compound words, etc.) and the Montessori grammar materials, enable students to joyfully master English foundational skills.

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