Exercises of Practical Life

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Practical Life Exercises are the foundation of the Montessori environment, providing an entire and wholesome range of activities which allow the children to develop control and coordination of movement, awareness of their environment, orderly thought patterns, independent work habits, responsibility, and many other characteristics which can only be attained through spontaneous, purposeful work.

The Montessori Practical Life experience is one of the most beautiful experiences and gifts for any child at school. Children work through this period to build motor skills and knowledge of their environment through investigation and exploration. The activities help to foster natural independence, self-reliance, and self-esteem. The heart of practical life is empowerment through observation, in connecting and fostering the physical and mental developmental needs and well-being of children. Vriksha has created this space very aesthetically which gives the children the freedom to interact with their environment.

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Vriksha Patashala is an alternate school which is a unique blend of our ancient gurukula system and the multiple intelligence theory. Children transform into life-long learner and evolve to become free-sprited and responsible thinkers.

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